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Marvel Comics

Transformers: Best of Arcee #one-shot Variant A (Biggie)

Transformers: Best of Arcee #one-shot Variant A (Biggie)

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Cover Design or Artwork by: James Biggie

Release date: 09/28/22

Is there anything Arcee can’t do? Anything she hasn’t been? With a life as long as hers, from her days as a barbarian with her brother to guiding heroes like Optimus Prime, Sideswipe, and Rodimus Prime to enjoying quality time with her loved ones—well, as much quality time as anyone can get when things are falling apart around them—Arcee’s seen and done it all. Relive some of the greatest moments from throughout the storied history of the Autobot legend! Collects Transformers: Combiner Hunters, Transformers (2012) #55, Optimus Prime #9, Transformers (2019) #18, and more!
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